Die of A Broken Jade Than Live As A Whole Tile

Finally, virtue will beat evil.

Bond Wang
4 min readMar 23, 2022


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God is busy. God is especially busy these days with all that is happening on earth.

So, God’s set up a service line with hundreds of service technicians taking the calls from people on earth. Here is a call one day one of the technicians receives.

“Hello, God’s service line. How can I help you?”

“What? You want to see God? Sorry, God is not available at this moment. So what’s your issue?”

“You are scared? I am sorry to hear that. What happened? Virus, Covid…… death on earth? You need help?”

“Okay, but God sent help a long time ago. Did you receive it? What……What help is it?”

“Let me see. It’s a long list, masks, tests, vaccines, experts, scientists, etc. Did you get them?”

“Oh you did. Great. What now? What? You don’t trust them? Why? ……Because the Youtubers and Podcasts told you not to?”

“Okay let me see……can you hold for a second? I need to check my service book.”

He looks at his service book for a while, then comes back on the line.

“Hello, Sir. I think we need to make a follow-up call. For that, I have generated a code for you.”

“Can you write it down now? Ready? Okay, it spells, 1, d, 1, 0, t. Again, 1, d, 1, o,t. Got it? What? It looks like an ‘idiot’. Yeah, it does look like an ‘idiot’. Interesting, uh? But please keep it. We may need it when we call you back. Okay? Anything else? No? Have a good day, Byebye.”

The technician hangs up. He turns back. God sits right there. He says to God, “My Lord, I think we have to reboot the earth.”

A long pause, then he hears God say, “Okay, let’s do it.”

One month later, Russia invaded Ukraine.

Friends, while we still have the luxury of sitting here to crack a joke or two about the war, what’s happening now in Ukraine is far beyond brutal. The cities are being bombed day and night; The civilians are being killed in numbers of thousands. It’s not clear yet how God is going to reboot the earth by launching this war. But one thing is clear, the strength and dignity the…



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